Credit Product Program "Targeted Financing through Partner Banks for Light Industry Entities"


Financing limit term for partner banks
- Up to 5 years (60 months)
Financing term for borrowers of partner banks
According to the requirements of the partner bank
Financing collateral for partner banks
Guarantees of the Kyrgyz Republic State bodies, the Cabinet of Ministers, international financial institutions, banks, and the Guarantee Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic;
Kyrgyz Republic government securities; Real estate, including land plots; Equipment, vehicles;
Credit portfolio of partner banks; Guarantees of third parties, acceptability of which is evaluated by the Bank according to the Bank's Collateral Policy;
Other types of collateral in accordance with the Bank's Collateral Policy
Financing collateral for economic entities
Any property in accordance with the requirements of the partner bank
Repayment schedule for partner banks
- Interest - on a quarterly basis; - Principal debt - at least twice a year
Repayment schedule for borrowers of partner banks
According to the requirements of the regulatory documentation of the partner bank
Interest rate for non-target use of credit funds
In case of non-target use of credit funds, the interest rate increases to 20% per annum. The Bank reserves the right to provide information on the non-target use of credit funds by the client to the Credit Information Bureau
Responsibility for repayment of borrowed funds by entrepreneurs
The partner bank fully assumes the risk of non-repayment of the loan by borrowers - economic entities
The Bank has the right to monitor the loan issued by the partner bank at any stage of its use
The Bank does not finance:
- Gambling business;
- Military industry;
- Areas where forced child labor is used;
- Activities related to money laundering/legalization of income obtained illegally, and financing of terrorism;
- Trade, production, and other activities related to the use of weapons;
- Activities prohibited by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic

** The Bank reserves the right to change the terms of this Program

** In case of providing government securities of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic as collateral, the requirement for profitability over the last 3 years to Partner Banks, SIFs, and other FIs is excluded.