1What documents are required to obtain financing?
The bank has a list of documents for applying for financing, this list can be found at the link
2Are there specific requirements for a business plan?
The bank has certain requirements for the preparation of a business plan, which can be found at the link
3How fast can I get a loan from a Bank?
The timing of consideration of the application for financing will depend on the nature, volume, sector of financing, as well as on the completeness and timeliness of the necessary documents.
4If I already have a loan from another company, can I get an additional loan from you?
Yes, you can get a parallel loan from the Bank. Obtaining such a loan depends on three factors: the repayment period of the loan in another FKU; the amount of the loan taken out in another FKU; the assessment of your business – whether your business allows you to repay two loans at the same time according to its turnover.
5Is it possible to repay the loan in advance if a large amount of money appears?
The Bank provides for early repayment. No penalty is charged in case of early repayment.
6How often do I need to make loan repayments?
According to the terms of the Bank, individual repayment schedules are provided, depending on the nature of the business project.
7What is the minimum/maximum amount I can get as a Bank loan?
The minimum amount under direct financing is 20 million SOM, the maximum loan amount per Borrower or group of related borrowers should not exceed 20% of the Bank's Net Total Capital.
8If we provide collateral of high value, can we get a large loan amount for a small business?
According to the terms of the Bank, financing is provided if the financial indicators correspond to the requested amount.
9Is it possible to get a loan from your Bank for consumer purposes?
The Bank's task is to finance business entities in order to diversify and stimulate the country's economy, create jobs and equalize the economic development of the regions. Consumer loans do not meet the requirements of the Bank's internal regulatory documents.