Loan product "GUARANTEES" program

Target Group

Legal entities (business entities) operating for at least 6 months on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic, established in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic. Business entities formed in the form of a joint-stock company, limited liability companies and state-owned enterprises.


Issuance of bank guarantees of the following type:
1) Bank guarantee for participation in the tender
2) Bank performance guarantee
3) Bank guarantee of payment
4) Bank guarantee of repayment of the advance payment

Financing amounts

• The maximum amount of the guarantee per Principal or a group of related Principals should not exceed 25% of the Bank's net total capital
• The minimum amount of the guarantee is 5 million soms

Bank tender guarantee

• A guarantee that confirms the ability of a participant in a public or commercial purchase to fulfill its obligations to the customer: to deliver goods of the required quality and on time, to provide a service or to perform work

Bank performance guarantee

• The Performance Guarantee guarantees the fulfillment of contractual obligations by the Principal

Bank guarantee of payment

• A payment guarantee issued to cover the buyer's obligations to pay the contractual price set as the equivalent value of the goods or services that were received Bank guarantee of repayment of the advance payment
• The Advance Payment Refund Guarantee guarantees the refund of advance payments to the Beneficiary if the client (Principal) does not fulfill its contractual obligations


The age of the executive body of the Principal
Guarantees are provided to legal entities, residents of the Kyrgyz Republic, whose executive body must be over 20 years old at the time of signing the loan agreement/guarantee agreement and must not exceed 65 years old. In case of non-compliance with this age limit, the executive body of the Principal must necessarily be collegial.
Collateral for financing
• Guarantees of the State bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers, international financial institutions, banks and the Guarantee Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic
• Government securities of the Kyrgyz Republic
• Real estate, including land plots
• Funds in the account
• Equipment, vehicles
As additional security, the following can be accepted:
• Guarantees of third parties, the acceptability of which is assessed by the Bank in accordance with the Bank's Collateral Policy
• Other types of collateral in accordance with the Bank's Collateral Policy
Assessment of collateral
• The valuation of the collateral is carried out by an independent appraisal company included by the Bank in the list of partner companies and posted on the Bank's website
• The date of the valuation of the collateral should not exceed a period of more than 6 (six) months on the date of filing an application for a bank guarantee
• The Bank reserves the right to change the valuation value
Collateral insurance
The insurance of the collateral (in connection with the risk of death, loss, theft, damage, damage and disease) is determined by the Decision of the Bank's Management Board and/or the Board of Directors for each project individually
Special conditions
• All expenses related to the execution of the guarantee and registration of the collateral are paid by the Principal
• The principal is responsible for the safety and proper use of the collateral
The Bank does not provide:
• guarantees without collatera
• guarantees to individuals
• guarantees if the Principal has overdue obligations on previously issued loans/guarantees
• Guarantees to the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, other state bodies and local governments
Amendments to the Guarantee
When making changes to the bank guarantee, the conditions to be changed must be approved by the authorized body of the Bank in accordance with the following:
1) Revision of the amount, interest rate, collateral – the decision is made by the authorized body of the Bank (the Management Board or the Board of Directors) within the framework of the approved powers
2) Changing the terms of the bank guarantee not provided for in paragraph 1 – the decision is made by the Credit Committee
Commission for amendments to the bank guarantee
10,000 som

*Банк оставляет за собой право на изменение условий настоящей Программы